Do you want to make a living from your creative passion while working 100% remotely?


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You've come to the right place... We've created the only design course you will ever need!
You will learn all the graphic design skills, business, & marketing to make your dream a reality in just 6-weeks.

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Do you want to make a living from your creative passion while working 100% remotely?

You've come to the right place... We've created the only design course you will ever need!

You will learn all the graphic design skills, business, & marketing to make your dream a reality in just 6-weeks.

Enroll now to jumpstart your design career

Learn all the business skills to excel

Every artist dreams of making money from their passion, but there is a problem... Artists can lack the inherent business mindset and get lost in their creative world. Let me teach you how to promote your work and attract high-paying clients. I will show you what works and what doesn’t, so you can focus on your creative area of expertise.

Skip the 6-figure debt from art school

After attending art school myself, I still saw the need to combine artistic talent with the real world of paying commercial work. You don't need to waste four years of your life and $100,000 on your education. I provide the education you need without the pressure to fit into the "old paradigm." You get it all in this course: Design, Business, Sales, and Marketing skills.

Success comes with the right community

I've created a community where you can thrive with lifetime access to feedback, support, and a network of other creatives. You never have to face design and business challenges alone again! We not only critique your work (our instructors teach at accredited USA art schools) but also guide you on your path to becoming the next coveted designer.


Ready to turn your passion into your income?

Watch the 60-second video above for an introduction to this course & your instructor.

Go from zero $$ to monetizing as a remote graphic designer in this 12-week live course. 

I have some good news for you! You don't have to spend upwards of $100,000 and 4 years on art school to become the next great designer. As an accredited university professor and international design agency owner, I'm here to guide you to build a successful, fun, and lucrative design business. 

This course will save you thousands of dollars, while actually giving you more practical education and guidance for real-world commercial work that pays. You will learn how to earn a living by working on projects that light you up with clients you enjoy. It's a win-win! 

Next course starts June 14th, 2021

Calling All Creatives...

Are you ready to move past self-doubt and fear to make the world a better place through your work?

We know that you are creative at heart and want to use your talent to make a positive impact in the world. It can be confusing where to start though, not to mention figuring out how to marry your creativity with the business world. We are here to ensure your success!

It's time to step into your creative brilliance

Does this sound like you?

  • You love to create (design, paint, draw, any type of creation), but mostly do it as a hobby
  • You make most of your money from another outlet that you are less passionate about
  • You want to kick off your creative career NOW, but might not have gone to formal art school and don't want to invest the time or money that would require
  • You feel isolated and alone 
  • You don't (yet) feel confident about promoting your work or making sales as a creative
  • You want to make a positive mark on the world, but don't know how or where to start
Introducing the

Freedom Designer Mastery

This is the only course you need to monetize as a graphic designer from anywhere in the world. Go from zero to $2,000 in revenue in just 12-weeks with all the design, business, and sales skills you need to succeed. No experience needed!

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Success Stories

"The Live Large Collective courses gave me the skills to be a freelance graphic designer and a purposeful course of action while traveling."

Quan Tran // Phillipines


"I really enjoyed the Live Large Collective learning platform! The instructors are always willing to help guide you, give advice, and share their knowledge with you. Their feedback is constructive and creates a safe space in which to explore your own ideas while maintaining business excellence."

Chantelle von Plato
South Africa

"It’s nearly impossible to cut through the noise of modern life, but Live Large Collective was able to give a clear and strong voice to our brand so we could better share our creativity with the world. We now have been able to reach an audience bigger than we ever expected with exactly the right message."

Tyson Davis
Alaska, USA

"I have no doubt that my success is in part thanks to the fantastic support and guidance from Live Large Collective. They worked with me to clarifying the key perimeters around my brand to better represent the evolution of my creative career so I could be effectively visible on and offline."

Jeremy Johnson
United Kingdom

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Meet your instructor, Adele...

Hey there! I’m Adele Wiejaczka, and I'm here to guide you as you step into your creative brilliance & find the lifestyle freedom you desire! I travel internationally while running my two businesses and leading my global team. I absolutely love the work I do, but I didn’t get here overnight. I’ve made all the mistakes one can in the past decade of building my businesses and I want to save you all the challenges I experienced so you can achieve the life and work you desire in just 6-weeks.

Let me save you the pain of creating a business in isolation. This course is designed so you can skip art school (and the 6-figure debt associated with it), while still putting quality creative work into the world in a way that makes a bigger impact while working with clients you love.

Yes, you can have it all, and I’m here to guide you. I have a Master’s Degree in Fine Art in Graphic Design and over 10 years experience running my remote design agency, Live Large Design, serving impact-driven platforms. I also teach university graphic design at Academy of Art University in San Francisco and am here to bring you my design and business expertise so you can excel quickly.

What you get in this course

Design Mastery

12-week LIVE design course

  • 12-module live course with lifetime access to recordings and trainings
  • Learn the graphic design skills you need to excel in the commercial world
  • Gain the business knowledge and strategies to successfully conduct high paying design projects
  • Get customized support to craft your compelling offer, design packages, and pricing to optimize your specific talents
  • Learn how to market and sell your design skillsets
  • Community support in evolving your growth mindset to help you feel confident and aligned in your sales strategies
  • Everyday support & personalized video critiques  with design professor Adele
  • Lifetime access to private community for continued support as you embark on your freelance career
  • Completion certification 
  • Qualified for Live Large job positions after graduation
  • Bonus: Cash Infusion Course to immediately monetize from your creative skills

Pay in Full


Save $300

  • Bonus 1: Cash Infusion course
  • Bonus 2: Customized Cash Infusion strategy call with Adele

Payment Plan


12 monthly payments

  • Bonus 1: Cash Infusion course

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident you will love this course, that we offer a 7-day money back guarantee.
If you complete the prework and first week, watched the training sessions, and you don’t COMPLETELY LOVE IT, we will send you 100% of your money back.

Our goal is to ensure that we are training people that are fully committed to becoming monetizing designers. We get that sometimes this field and lifestyle can look attractive, but might not be a good fit in reality. Students who are truly dedicated to create in their work lives are the best fit.

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