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Brand Strategy

Our secret is building a strong brand foundation before we move to visuals. We help you determine your positioning in your market of choice and then develop your visuals to speak directly to your target audience. 

Visual Design

Our superpower is creating visuals that align with your brand strategy. After we review your competitors and understand your unique selling proposition, we create your logo and brand so that it will last you at least the next decade.

Online Presence

After the branding process, we help our clients move into an online presence through a website presence and social media outreach. This aspect ensures our clients attract their ideal audience without limits and expands the visual identity.

Featured Projects

Featured Projects

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Meet Your Creative Director: Adele

Adele is the Founder and Creative Director of Live Large Design. She is passionate about building strategic brand platforms for her clients that attract their ideal audience. 

Her branding agency serves social and environmental platforms so they can make a bigger impact in the world. Adele has a Master's in Fine Art in graphic design and leads her global team while traveling internationally. With ten years of experience, Adele has ironed out the online branding process for efficiency and ease.

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